Notre Dame Cathedral Burning

Notre Dame Cathedral is burning down right now.

This is a sad day. It was a beautiful building I have always dreamed of seeing. Now that day will never come. :cry:

It is home to many amazing pieces of art, that will likely be destroyed.

Has anyone here seen Notre Dame?

Let me know what you think of This.

Just saw that! Yeah, I was fortunate enough to see it back in 2014. It truly was an amazing site. Now I’ll have to go back and flip through those old pictures. The videos in the news of the burning are so sad, especially to historic architecture nerds.

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I saw the pics, saw the scaffolding, and thought… Hmm I bet some french union worker done something stupid, and poof, the Notre dame gone!

Then I see the clever police, think it’s to do with the restoration work… My good Sherlock watch out for the shit!

I was lucky enough to explore it… In a video game :joy:


Never been overseas, this is the closest I ever been


I’ve never set foot in Europe (apart from airports :joy:) so haven’t seen the cathedral. I have seen some photos when I had a Spanish or History class (can’t remember which one). Definitely a tragic incident


Lol I forgot about that visit


Dymm that building took 200 years to make… that effort though :slightly_frowning_face:

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Glad I was there 2 years ago to see the Cathedral in person such an amazing historical place

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Not sure who taught you spanish, but Notre Dame is in France!

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I was lucky to visit this amazing place in 2007, too long ago now, but still in front of my eyes when I think about it. Very sad to hear it’s almost gone now. Heard there will reconstructions efforts made with talented artists worldwide but hard to remake this master piece.
I need to save my pictures for the future generations.

They will be using machines to create the rock, and designs. Rather than the hand carved stones in the original. It won’t be as good

Really unfortunate events, I think Paris has suffered enough.

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A tragedy and whatever they rebuild will be a travesty compared to the original.

I was very fortunate to visit Notre Dame Cathedral, below few photos taken which may not be seen anymore

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Very cool. What’s the diorama?

:thinking: it’s a miniature replica of Notre Dame itself…

Yes, I know that much. Is it in Notre Dame?

:grin: yes, it was in display inside the Notre Dame along with few other items

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It was a great place to visit when my with and I were on our honeymoon. The amount of support from around the world is astounding, with over $500m pledged so far. It will be rebuilt and live on.