Notifications making no sound

Hi all,

Just getting to grips with my newly arrive eufycams (still have some setup issues, but that’s another thing!)

When I DO manage to get push notifications working, all my phone does (Android) is a little vibrate and that’s it!

The phone is mostly definitely not on silent mode, and makes noises for all sorts of other notifications (SMS, calls, default system notifications, emails, etc).

I’m on MIUI 10 (which is Android 8.1)

Is there a way to customize this notification? Or at least somehow make it more noticeable than one little vibration.

Ok, fixed it myself - you can long press on the notification when it arrives, and customize it through there.

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Glad to hear you have resolved the issue & thanks for letting others know the solution, should they end up in the same position.

Can you tell me exactly how you didn’t this