Notification sound

It is annoying that my door bell sound and notification sound are almost similar. There is no way to change it in iOS devices ??

Well on Android you can change the notification sound for each app, surely you should be able to do the same on ios

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Not available in IOS devices. It only lets you choose to turn sound on or off.

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I disagree, you can change the notification sound of all apps with some apps allowing custom sounds (same as ios) most apps you can’t set custom notifications

See below screenshot

I don’t have Eufy Security app so just wondering if they have sound setting within the app since some apps allow you to change notification sounds within the app

Unfortunately not, I don’t see any option to change the sounds within the app.

Since I have asked about the change of notification sound, one of the updates changed it to default IOS message sound.
Now it is hard to differentiate between normal message alert sound which I don’t care most of the times and an important security alert from eufy, which I definitely want to look at.

There should be a way to change this default notification sound so we know when to look at my phone and take an action if required to.
@AnkerSupport any news whether it is possible or not?


Just reprising this question for @AnkerSupport - here we are a year later but still seems to be issue for i-users

The notification alert is changeable in my Samsung phone, but my better half has an i-phone and cannot change it - is this something that Eufy can please consider to make the iphone also have the ability to select the alert tone specifically for this app?


Please create a unique notification sound for motion alerts or give us an option to choose our own alerts. I’m considering going back to Ring because I can’t tell the difference between generic alerts and vital motion alerts from Eufy.

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