Nothing but problems

Received Eufy as a gift and I hate it.
Takes as much time to “prepare” the room for Eufy as it would to simply mop and vacuum the room by hand.
Product support recommends using their “boundary strips” but they provide only two. My house would need at least ten…costing about 125 dollars!
If your room is completely empty of furniture and cords…Eufy will probably work fine.

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Hey @Kennethde :wave:
Shame it doesn’t work out for you.
I’ve had a Robovac 11s for a few months and absolutely love it!
Granted i do move a few of the kids smaller toys out of the way but i would have to do that if i vacuumed.
Once a week i get the normal vacuum out to clean round the edges and behind the furniture but ive found it saves me so much time during the working week i couldn’t be without it!

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Try selling it

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Just an fyi, you can buy magnetic tape from a hardware store and it will work all the same. All they do is tell the robovac its an obstacle and it changes directions. So save yourself some money and buy a roll of medium magnetic field tape, which is the same as the boundary strips that come with the vacuum…but make sure to buy the medium magnetic field ones otherwise you risk it not working


Thanks for the tip, Tank.

You need not to by special EUFY-magnetic strips.
Others will do (simple magnetic tape eg).
But before taping your whole house with those strips.
try to remove some obstacles.
It took me a while to get my rooms here free of those.
But I found all those traps and removed it.

@Chiquinho do they work with 11S model? have you tried? I will give it a shot today. That would be great if works on mine too. Duchess bumps into all darker items/furniture that I cannot move out of the way.
This trick will save her sensors :grin:

No those 11S can not be stopped by those magnetic tricks! :smiley:
Even when I put a bord in the door entrance sometimes Willy succeeds in pushing it away and is escaping.
He likes freedom! :rofl:
You should tape foamtape on these small rubber bumpers on the front (big sensor). I did!

Willy sais Duchess should care about their bumpers!
Very important for such a young lady! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You are correct, I gave it a try and sure magnetic tape doesn’t work on 11S.
I already have protected her bumpers, thanks to Willy :grinning:
I block the way with several items lined up so Duchess does one room at a time and more efficient that way.

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lolol. So you are saying that he should clean his house before the product can clean his house. :wink:

Well, sorta. For any vacuum to work, you gotta clean the floor a little bit. Even if you are using upright vacuums.