Note 8 and PD/QC/IQ

I have searched not only this site but a couple others as well…

My question is technically the note 8 is not listed as a Qualcomm 3.0 product or even 2.0,not sure it it is a typo but it is not listed as a QC 2.0 either.

But since there is a type/kind of fast charging in play. Will anker’s IQ automatically charge as fast as QC 2.0?

Im pretty sure it has 2.0 but I wanted a beefier PowerBank but in order to have one with PD recharge for the bank, I can not find one or at least Im not sure which one would recharge fast as well as charge my phone as fast as possible.

Thank you in advance.


Anker’s IQ 2.0 will recharge as fast as QC 2.0, but not the original PowerIQ.

Here are a few products with the new IQ 2.0.

PowerCore II Slim 10000
PowerCore II 10000
PowerCore II 20000

In terms of Power Delivery recharge, Anker was said to be working on PowerCore+ II with IQ 2.0 ports and PD input, but we have not seen that product materialize yet (and there’s a decent chance it never will).

We may learn about a few new products next week with CES.


It will charge the same speed as QC.

Appreciate it boss.

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Just read something on here to anger similar to this.

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Very informative thanks for sharing.

Trying to do my part, lol.