Not Testing my new chargers/worst setup ever

I could not help to try my new Anker C1 Charger
I didn’t had any USB-C device to charge with me and my USB-C to lightning cable has not arrive yet so I went with this setup :joy: thank you @AnkerOfficial



Where is your meter?


Well I definitely need to reword that. I got my chargers last night and I put it in my lunch box together with a few cables I had. That’s the best combination I was able to option to charge my phone

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Not all testing involves spectrum analysers, and a lab coat!

Sometimes, testing is just … Does this work?

@tugar32 … Did this set-up work? Did your device still charge at fast levels?


I’m pretty sure you are losing efficiency the more adaptors you use, plus usb-c cables are better suited for fast-charging.

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It did charge at a faster then usual, but I did not have a power meter handy so I could not tell how fast.

I agree but something I was thinking the other they is also the capacity of the USB standard. I just order a USB-C to USB-C cable to charge my Nintendo Switch. It was funny while reading that Not all the USB-C cables work the same but I guess from what I read 2.0 its good enough for the 5v/3amp but It will not work on TV mode since it requires the 15v/2.6 amp I will need the 60watt power supply.

Lol at least you were able to work with what you had

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So my tester arrives today, but I forgot to charge my phone last night. So my phone had 43% charge, it took 1:12 min to go from 43% to 90% with the configuration that I showed in the picture.

Very cool. Sometime you have to improvise and I commend you for that :clap:

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You should reword the title of your post. It’s misleading and reads like Anker is the worst for charging.

You can test simply by letting your devices run to very low, like 10% or 20% and start charging with the appropriate cable. You can also download an app to your device to see charging speeds and results, like the app Ampere for Android.

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