Not sure which is the latest nebula projector

Hi all
I’m due to purchase a Nebula Projector in a month or two but there isn’t much info on the site where I want to purchase it from.

I would like to know a few things

On the nebula projector Capsule Pocket Cinema
Is this the latest version and what can I do? Can I steam movies from Netflix or other streaming services and it is easy to use or would I need a certain soft ware or a cable for it to work

I have included the model number just in case

Model: D4111C11


The model you have listed is Nebula Capsule Original, with a Case, it is the original soda can shaped projector from Anker Nebula

The latest from Anker Nebula Is Cosmos and Cosmos Max

If you are looking for a portable one, then Capsule is good, with other models Capsule II and Capsule Max.

Capsule is Android 7.1 based and has apps for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and set of apps which may be installed with Google play store with support from Nebula support team.

I myself have Capsule and use it 2-3 times a week for Movies , TV Programs.

Don’t have many apps on the Capsule, have kept it very light, use AirScreen to cast (Chromecast) from Plex, Disney, Youtube to Capsule, this works pretty well and smooth.

Capsule also has Airplay support via the AirPin Pro, works well most of the time, but prefer Capsule with Airscreen with Casting… never fails, works 100%

Use the Nebula Connect (App on iPhone) as remote for Capsule in Mouse Controller mode.

Brightness is OK when used at Night with total darkness, but not so great if used during the day.

If you have not yet purchased and planning to go for it… and have budget, go for Nebula Apollo…

Is the originals the first ones, how old is it ?
And I’m
I best to get capsule 2 ?

With both of these can I still run Netflix or iTunes if not what steaming site can I run through this projector

Is there a site to find the latest models

Thank you

Nebula Capsule works great!

Capsule 2 is good too, but there is a steep price difference.

You can play Netflix on Capsule. For iTunes, believe you are referring to AirPlay, works well, tested couple of times… but don’t use it much.

You may go to to see the various models. Also, search for Nebula Capsules, you should get a listing of all of the Nebula Projectors…

Why the Apollo over the Max?

Same Brightness & Projection size, Apollo comparatively smaller than Max & Apollo is $80 less than Max :slight_smile:

Max has positives, but not many!

Thanks for explaining.

The stock levels gone down, last week’s promotion vouchers gone. All list price currently and Apollo right now higher price than Max.

Is the Android 7.1 for the Apollo an advantage or disadvantage relative to Max Android 8.1?

Not having touched either of these, the Apollo has a slightly less loud speaker, older Android version and manual focus, so on paper appears lower spec?

price difference of just 20 Pounds looks lower than that in Dollars. Max would be good for your case…

Android 7.1 or 8.1 does not make much of a difference for these projectors, since there are very minimums apps any one would use, Netflix, Prime Video, Local Media Player, Plex, Airplay or ScreenCasting – these all work on all of these versions.

Speaker output is OK for both, but for great experience, i would pair with Flare Mini Stereo Pair (2 Flare Mini) or better Rave Mini … for a theater experience (may be i over exaggerated – does make a difference)

Noise isolation.

If someone is trapped in a room, ill or isolating from someone else ill, they’d probably not want to use speakers. Can you BT pair to the projector to keep audio in sync with media? So BT transmission?

Currently we only have a Chromecast and one TV screen and looking for more segretation. Currently laptops also but someone with weeks, looking at making it better for them. Brightness probably not an issue as bedroom (curtains).

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yes, BT pairing works, have not seen huge audio sync issues, even if it exists, it is negligible.

Also, if you have light beige or white walls, there is no need the projector screens as well…

Projector would be a better option than to get a TV for the current scenario… we are now watching almost 5 days a week… old movies and disney+ with kids … and after watching the movies on the 100 inch projection, the 60inch tv looks awful :frowning:

OK I ordered a Nebula Max “renewed” version. I am slightly kicking myself I didn’t get last week’s UK discount for new.

Thanks for your guidance, it’s delivered to Amazon Locker early next week, and I collect it a couple of days later…after it has had time “breathe” in the locker.

Need to get a 5V to 15V converter cable so it can work off my 26800.

I still think for what you get it is a lot of money, but given the portability so it can be moved between people with greatest need stuck in rooms, it will probably get used a lot the (finger in air) 6 months of quarantine many will have.

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great price! steep discount even from standards on renewed product

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Glad you got the max over the appoll as it has better resolution. If you want you can reach out to nebula and ask them for the code to unlock android on it so you have more control of the apps and what you can do with the projector.

I have been using mine almost daily in our front office. Works great and gets the job done

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Thanks. They appear the same resolution?

I didn’t get a tripod due to the keystoning seems “good enough”?

Everything is slowly stopping to function in terms of ordering non-essential tech and so wondering what are my last best hope for mankind gadgets I need.

I am realising I can make a solar powered version. The 26800 dual-input, I own two USB solar panels, they can charge the 26800, then a 5V-15V converter for the Max. Spent today in the garden in the spring sunshine and the geek in me…

Hope you’re feeling better Rob.

Thanks, and the resolution is different.
The max resolution is 1280 x 720
The apollo is 854 x 480

What the different between the nebula capsule and the nebula original and the Nebula Max “renewed” version.

I’m new to the world of projections

Thank you

Hi welcome to the community from down under. :grinning:

So “renewed” is a way of saying someone bought it and returned it and then it was checked for not damaged. So similar to “open box”.

The issue with projectors is you either must have something physically larger with a fan to cool, or smaller, less brightness. So this projector idea particularly needs you to know what you need and why. The renewed stock is a sign many buy and realise they didn’t know and return.

The specs are diverse different. What is the problem you seek to solve?

Thank you for the welcome and thank you for explaining. I just wanted a projector that I can watch movies and music videos with the family

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Someone who knows more than me will be along shortly…

Nebula has various projectors – Check the specs by clicking the hyperlinks / pics

Starting with the Nebula Prizm Series, which is the basic model with power connected


There is the Mars Series


Then there is the Nebula Capsule series - which is the Best Seller for Anker Nebula Brand!


The latest is Nebula Cosmos and Cosmos Max which was launched last year Oct 2019 and in process of production / delivery


Plus the Nebula Apollo


You may watch movies and music videos with the family, with all of these projectors,

Bottom Line is what are you looking for?

1. Portability / Compactness
2. Features
3. Resolution
4. Your Budget & Price you are good with!

Decide on these 4 points and make your purchase!

Hope this post helps you make your decision.

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