Not sure I'm using this correctly?

I have an Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux power bank that I want to keep a GoPro action camera charged whilst carry out lengthy shoots. Can I just confirm that I’m using it correctly? With the power bank fully charged I just plug in the GoPro and it should keep its battery charged for as long as there is charge in the power bank then when that is exhausted it will continue to exhaust the GoPro battery? So that should give me several hours of filming?

I don’t have to press the button on the power bank to start this process? That’s only for trickle charging smaller devices?


Depends totally on your GoPro you should research it.

The Powercore will turn it’s power off when too little power is drawn. If your GoPro (that you need to research) stops taking power when charged then possibly the Trickle charge mode may keep going, but it depends on how long your GoPro doesn’t ask for power, as trickle charge mode doesn’t stay on forever.

So best way to find out is do a trial, do exactly how you intend to use it and find out.

You should not need to press power button initially to turn on, it usually auto senses but relies on the Gopro also asking for power when connected.

Most devices work just fine, they keep drawing enough power to simply work, so really you’re asking a question only you or another GoPro user can answer. I remember one device which only took power when initially connected then stopped taking power until cable pulled and reconnect, not sure which device it was but can rarely happen.

Okay, I’ll test it but for clarity you’re saying:

  1. that I do not need to do anything other that plug my device in to the Powercore forgo begin providing charge (assuming it needs charge)?
  2. Then once my device reaches 100% (assuming it stops calling for charge) the Powercore (after anunstated period of time) will shutdown?
    3 The device will carry on using power but the Powercore will not automatically kick in to provide charge again once it dips below 100%.

I’m not understanding the difference between 1 and 3.

It depends on your device, only you or another GoPro user can answer.

The Powercore normally offers power when connected, then keeps on til the draw is very low then turns off. If you use trickle charge mode it will offer power on lower levels of draw and for longer.

But your GoPro may defeat this by not asking for power for a long time.

Yeah I would say so :+1: give it a go and let us know if it worked

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