Not charging with Samsung cable

Hi!, I’ve and 2 years old astro E1 powerbank, but I’ve noticed that it doesn’t work if I use the original Samsung cable that I use for the wall charger. I’ve tried also with a Xiaomi cable and I’ve the same problem, seems that it doesn’t work with data&charge cable. How I can fix that?

What Samsung did that cable come with?

The end of the cable could be bent slightly which would cause a no charge situation. Your best bet is to get a brand new cable, also have you tried using a different wall plug? That could also be the source of the problem, but given how easily micro USB cables are to damage, my money is in the cable

Is a galaxy s7, I’m sorry that I’ve not mentioned that the problem is not in input but in output so the phone doesn’t charge

As I mentioned try a different cable, again the end could be bent and it cause the internals to bot make contact.

Also, make sure such an old phone has a clean terminal.

Look into the usb port on your phone, and use a can of air, or just blow hard, to get rid of dust in there.

It may work with a wall charger cos of stronger charge?

No guys I’ve found the problem, probably I’ve used an USB-A cable that have damaged the USB port on the power bank expanding it a little bit, because if I press it to power bank the phone charge, so the solution is that I’ve to use a cable that on the USB-A has a little bit of thickness and in this way it remains perfectly stuck

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