Not another Apple problem


Wow! This is a cause for concern! I wonder how many apps I have are recording my interactions! Hmmmm, very scary especially when they state that it isn’t even encrypted.

It’s probably not very many apps. And probably no popular apps. Still a big, scary concern though.

Air Canada, Expedia and I would say are pretty big and popular apps. Especially for all the people that have to travel for a living.

They do it? That’s kinda scary.

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Yep! Did you not even read the article that you posted about dude… :joy:


I read it. I didn’t see anything naming the apps. I actually thought it was strange they didn’t name the apps. I must have missed something somewhere.

It was here buddy. :ok_hand:t2:

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Hmm. Still can’t find it :joy:. I must need glasses or something! :joy: well, I believe you . :wink::grin:

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Classic! :joy:

Dang I know apple problems get a lot more press but this is seems to be more that usual in a short span of time.

oh man apple with another serious problem :astonished:

They prob just want a cut of the money.

let’s hope those apps are not doing the same on Android

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I can assure you there are problems like this on android. The google play store is way less “picky” In what they allow in there store.

Yea i suppose you are right. Call me weird, but sometimes I’d rather use a website instead installing and using their apps

The big difference is… You can shut off some of the permissions in android. To stop the app doing what it doesn’t NEED to do!

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There are still a lot of problems of the android play store, and permissions aren’t everything.

Personally this doesn’t appear to be a huge problem because its going to get fixed, and we can always know that apple will always try to make the App Store and iPhones better and more secure for us. The bigger problem is how there are so many android apps that steal your information (with various techniques) on the google play store. Google, I think needs to do a better job regulating apps on the play store.