Non QC connected to QC

I need another powerbank and several Anker’s offering have QC ports.
Does a normal device to QC port charge?
Any negative effects like charging slower than the device is capable of, low efficiency?

Nothing to worry about. Most QC ports will charge non-QC devices just fine, but with the addition of Anker’s PowerIQ technology, you won’t run into any issues with incompatibility.

What device(s) do you plan on charging and what type of charger are you looking at? I’d love to help point you in the right direction.

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I’m looking for a powerbank but I’m still in the early stages of picking one. I almost immediately bumped into the QC ‘problem’ so no answer to which charger (yet). Maybe my search is over tomorrow if I win a powerbank in the Anker PowerDraw. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

I’ll use the powerbank to charge

  • 2 phones with an old fashioned USB micro
  • 1 phone with USB-C --> OnePlus 6 which doesn’t support QC but Dash Charge.
  • Flashlight (yeah some flashlights can be charged with a USB micro cable
  • Laptop using USB-micro charging
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I have several Anker Power Banks with both types of ports. With some devices that are certified and others that are basic ports. All work well and they all charge faster than OEM chargers. Just make sure you are google quality cables that make the difference in charging.

Thanks for the answer. To be honest I didn’t exepect anything else, but I just wanted to make very sure.

About quality cables; all Anker PowerLines here.

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