Nokia 9 pureview

What do you think about the Nokia 9 pure view which has a lot of cameras. It also produces photos with a 240 megapixel camera. Would you buy this phone? Compared to the likes of Samsung and Apple I think that Nokia will be struggling to sell these phones as the phone still has bezels and the view and aesthetics ain’t that great tbh . What do you guys think about it?

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I probably wouldn’t get it. It looks cool though.

But what would you rather opt for a s9 which is the same price as the Nokia 9 or the Nokia 9 which has visible bezels… I’m sure everyone would pick the s9 because the new innovative technology which there is very little in Nokia and is not something which consumers want for an relatively expensive phone,

I too think the competition for Nokia will be very tough. I’m still not even interested at this point. The phone looks old school but that is a crazy camera @ 240 megapixels

All those cameras on the back freak me out.


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hahaha yeh true i also have that phobia too :joy:

But is it as indestructible as the 3310??

Nokia is long dead. Don’t fall for it

Why‽ That picture is so disturbing and gross and fake please do not post anything similar future.

I agree that it will not generate enough traction without being up to date (without bezel). Even BlackBerry lost traction.

I have an s9+ and people constantly complain about it not being a true edge to edge screen. I get the complaints with it, but a minimal amount of real estate around the top and bottom never bothered me. Seeing 5 cameras on the back when someone is taking a picture would make me laugh immediately. Great, you can take a gold photo, but at the expense of making your phone look like it is a spider eye.

I do on the other hand see the allure of having that on a phone. Cameras get better each year (the fact that I can shoot 4k 60fps on my phone boggles my mind), and the setup sounds super solid for what it is.

Unlike the cameras you’ll find on the Galaxy S10 et al, there are no wide, telephoto or ultra-wide sensors. Instead, the setup comprises of Zeiss lenses; three 12MP f/1.8 monochrome lenses and two 12MP f/1.8 RGB lenses accompanied a flash and a time-of-flight sensor that round off the spider eye-esque setup.

When taking an image, the Nokia 9 takes shots from all five of these cameras and combines them into one high-resolution photo. This, according to HMD, allows the device to collect 10x more light than traditional smartphone cameras and means it can capture a more detailed depth map - up to 1,200 layers of depth data, to be exact - which should make for “DSLR-quality” Bokeh images.

As long a Nokia ceases making Trypophobic phones have no fear :fearful:

I think the problem with spider eye lens is only going to get worse before it gets better.

Seriously though those trypophobic photos are highly disturbing and I feel like they are meant to spark controversy or just plain gross people out neither of which in my opinion is acceptable behavior on this forum.

Personally that particular picture does not not gross me out so much but that is very tame compared to others that I have seen while perusing the internet and I would prefer to and I’m sure you would agree to keep this forum user-friendly and tech related and not to go the way of 4chan and the like. Not to say that all posts have to be strictly related to Tech as I’m sure you are aware I often stray but try to keep things lighthearted or occasionally have to defend the forum from things that I perceive to not quite fit in.

yeah, I agree. It may cause people uncomfortable…So I remove the image. Sorry about that.

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I agree :joy:

Alright sorry. I was using it to illustrate what I dont like about the phone.

I agree. For the record, I am not a supporter of the 4chan crowd or their ilk. I did not think posting that picture, in context, was malicious or deliberately offensive in the way that group acts. If it came across that way I am sorry.

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No worries

Alien phone, soon all the back cover of the phone will be studded with cameras. People are slowly going crazy :confused: