Nokia 5.1 plus didnt find soundcore

Hi my Nokia 5.1 plus couldnt find my soundcore speaker

Which Soundcore speaker do you have?

There should be more information.
We have no crystal ball here. :rofl:

What speaker?
What shows up at your phone’s bt protocol?

My thought is they didn’t put the speaker in pairing mode. It’s easy to forget- or more likely it didn’t work like it should have.

I have this issue all the time, and I generally just have to hit the “Bluetooth” button again.

@TechMan your problem is you suffer from being a spaz, so no worries because in the end you figure it out :yum:

Your problem is you type too fast :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::innocent:

No my autocorrect hates me, that and big hand trying to type on a puny screen

I have the same problem Nokia 5.1 Plus and Soundcore Flare didn’t work…
I can see the speaker, but when I connect it, the speaker disconnect inmmediately.
Any ideas?