Noisy Eufy 11S

My Eufy is soooooo loud , it just came on suddenly. I read all the discussion about this, and chatted with wonderful customer service. Not an issue with the brush unfortunately. I have only had not quite 13 months! It’s a great product but to have to get a new one annually perhaps, not too happy about that. If anyone has any other options besides replacement…let me know. Certainly I can put up with the noise it stills works well, but I would have to leave the space due to the noise.

Have you tried to run the vacc after removing all brushes?
Noise still there?

I had that issue with “Old Willy” I sprayed some super lube in the “shafts” of the motors.
"Old Willy is now more than 3 years old and working fine every day.

If this doesn’t help you need disassemble the vacc and take a look to the inner parts.

There are many videos how to do that.
There is one.

But please don’t act the way this fellow does and don’t mix the screws like he did.
Horrible, not an engineer at all. :rofl: