Noise sound on Anker soundcore mini 3

Hello everyone, i have an Soundcore mini 3, it have a noise sound when i play an audio and the noise keeping playing untill i turn off all audio and few second after turning off all audio the noise sound gone but when i start noisy sound appear.
The noisy sound play in background, the sound quite small but annoying, its like when we touch dried grass.
At first the sound seem small but now it seem bigger.
Do you have same problem with that? Or mine is broken?
Thank you everyone.
Please answer i have few exchange days left =)).

Seems you talk about “hissing”.
Have you tried to install the latest updates via the app.
The mini 3 is quite a new model, so this should be possible,

I would contact the support and try to get an replacement, if the item is under warranty.

I agree.

Beside the update, I would also try connecting it to a different device as well (pc, android or apple) I think this may be helpful to help eliminate it is the device vs product. We have seen several have BT issues on pc.

I would then contact if it is still happening.

I am also guessing the product was not dropped or anything else.

It is probably normal.

Some devices pipe a small amount of noise through to keepalive, so the speaker does not auto poweroff to save battery. This is device dependent so as others mentioned already, try another device.

You’ve not mentioned the Soundcore app. Did you pair speaker with phone, then connect to it in device and allow for any firmware updates to happen?

Finally, if you have the volume setting low on a phone but high on the speaker, then the low level of sound created (to keepalive) is louder, if you turn the volume up high on phone and low on the speaker, the phone-created hiss sound is minimised. So play with volume settings on both sides of connection. One possible reason this has got worse is because you turned the volume lower on the phone and higher on the speaker so the hiss created by phone got louder.

Did you drop it? Maybe it’s been damaged