Noise problem during phone call in Soundcore Spirit

I bought Soundcore Spirit a few days ago. I use to talk through headphones during phone call. But with this headphones I can hear clearly but to whom I am calling is facing huge noise problem. Even sometimes they are not hearing anything. What should I do?

This is not normal. Do you make phone calls in windy environments? Because this could cause problems with phone calls.

What model phone are you using and is it using the mic of the earbuds when making a call and not the phones mic itself (had that happen once on an iPhone…weirdly)?

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Sorry to know the noise problem of the earbuds. May I know the environments when it happened? Please try the earbuds on another phone. If the problem persists, please contact us via We are happy to help you with the exchange. Thanks

Is there a fix for.this? I’ve used mine for less than a week and same complaint too.