Noise Cancelling mode set using Soundcore app changed after turning headphones off and on

I have Anker Life Q30 headphones. When I enable noise cancelling, it is in the “Outdoor” mode, with a strange sound without bass. If I use the Soundcore application and set the mode to “Indoor”, I get more bass and sound feels OK, but the mode is set back to “Outdoor” after I turn headphones off and on again.

I am using the latest firmware. What am I doing wrong?

More testing showed that the strange sound without basses is the “Transport mode”. Switching the NC mode in Soundcore app to “Indoor” or “Outdoor” makes the sound OK. However, even though headphones are clearly in “Transport”, the app indicates “Indoor”.

My friend has the same headphones and it works normally. Besides, there is a more significant difference between NC, Normal and Transparent, without any problem with NC mode. :frowning:

Try resetting after firmware upgrade

I have the latest firmware, version 1.90, updated right after receiving headphones.
I tried resetting several times, but it did not help, the problem is the same:

  • The NC mode is “Transport” after the reset.
  • I set the NC mode to “Indoor” using the Soundcore app.
  • I use the NC button on headphones to cycle NC -> Normal -> Transparency -> NC. I can see that this also changes in the app.
  • Cycling back to NC, the mode indicated in the app is “Indoor”, but the sound clearly corresponds to “Transport”: if I tap on “Transport”, nothing happens and sound is the same; if I then tap on “Indoor”, I get basses in the sound.
    Headphones are automatically set to “Transport” after turning them off and on or when cycling through noise cancelling regimes. This is particularly annoying when using them with laptop where there is no way of changing the mode.

You’re likely not doing anything wrong and you had a faulty unit. Your options are to live with it, or:

  • email , they may have a beta firmware update to fix this
  • if you do get a free postage replacement option, consider if effort is worthwhile and if so then take it.
  • if you don’t get a free postage replacement, usually support will give a credit in lieu for a % at their discretion.
  • you’ve exhausted what you can do from fellow users / owners, the reset idea is our go-to reply.
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Thank you very much for your tips. I am not able to live with the faulty unit, so I will try options from your list.

hi, did you fixed it? I’m having the same problem

I returned the faulty unit and got a refund.

By the way, I bought the unit on Aliexpress and I would never ever do it again. Sending the faulty unit back to China cost me a lot (about 25 EUR), then I received the refund, and, for an unknown reason, the faulty unit came back from China (it said the addressee could not be reached), which I had to pay for again.

Since that time, I am buying from only.

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Yes the issue with buying from AliExpress is well known and it’s not just from China, there is not a free refund without return and so even within Europe it’s still a postage cost.

We haven’t have this come up for a couple of months but every now then someone effectively says its Anker’s fault they personally didn’t read and understand AliExpress policy and try to use it to get a refund. “But I got it from the official Anker page on AliExpress…”.

Yes, buy from Soundcore direct or local Amazon country is recommended.

shame all works good but that little detail, I’m quite happy with them but I need the indoors noise blocker