No video playback on EufyCam

Hi to you all,

excuse me for my poor English.
I have a problem.
One of my EufyCam’s isnt playing any video.
When I select the camera it is “securing the channel” and “preparing the livefeed/playback” and then I get the error “Cannot play live video”.

Things I’ve done so far:

  1. Rebooted the homebase
  2. Turned off the camera (5 presses on sync button) en turned it on again.
  3. Removed the camera from homebase en added it again (no problem)
  4. Moved the camera directly towards the homebase

Any thoughts?

Kind regards, Gert.

Also an HomeBase reset and adding the camera again is no solution.
Adding the camera is no problem. But no livefeed, no motiondection and of course no recording.
Broken camera?


Best thing for you to do is go directly to support and get a replacement cam. They will take care of it… but as for your problems with the cam it sounds like it’s a dud

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Hi @Gert1703 and welcome to the community. I would suggest you reach out to with your issue and troubleshooting steps taken so far, as it sounds like a faulty camera based on the steps you have completed.


See… this is what I mean… you guys at eufy rock :wink:

I hope it gets replaced for you

Hi @Gert1703

In order to look into this case for you, please send us an email to

Please also let us know your eufy account and serial number so we can help you to locate the problem.

Thanks again for all your patience and support. Looking forward to your reply.

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