No sound when playing back clips from 2c cams?

I see other people on Facebook having this problem
I just updated the app and then I went back and looked at some clips that I just viewed 5 minutes before that , and there is no sound on them after the update on my 2c cameras.
My indoor cameras are working OK
They need to fix this ASAP

Anyone else seeing this problem?


Try a reset and if that doesn’t work then contact support

I did reset and I already contacted support.
Someone on Facebook said that Eufy already replied to them and they are aware of the problem and probably take 1-2 weeks to fix it

Hopefully they fix it sooner than that then

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They replied back to me but didn’t give me any timeline

Thanks for contacting eufy customer support.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we have confirmed with the engineers, they are doing their best to solve this problem, will update an app version for you as soon as possible, in the meantime to bring you the inconvenience, apologies again!

go into your camera settings and disable the sound, close the app. Go back into the app and re-enable the sound and close the app. .it should work now, at least this is what worked for me

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Thank you, I tried that , it didn’t work.
I have sound on live view but just no sound when I play back the clips

We’ve got the same problem I noticed a day ago. The funny thing is, our daughters apple is working as normal but not on our Samsung android devices.

Yeah , I kinda figured it was a Android thing I run all Android.
It’s a pretty big screw up for an app update
I have not updated the app on my tablet and the sound works fine with the clips on that

Eufy pushed out Update v2.1.2_708 on September 17th 2020 and it fixed the sound issue for me