No sound, but already connected to dekstop.

I’m giving up with my soundcore flare. Already tried to forget device and reconnect still the same. I already update this device to the latest firmware available via my phone using soundcore app (which had no problem connecting). Help me please…

Tell us more about, please!
What is the device you want the speaker to connect with?

As mentioned by @Chiquinho more information is required for members to assist with your issue.

98% cases it will be windows :smiley:

Im using Asus ROG GL552VX i7 (Windows 10)
Please help me :sob:

Remove the bt default driver from WIN and install that one offeren by the manufacturer of your bt card instead,

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I already uninstall my bluetooth driver and update it to the latest one. And now I just can pair with the speaker, but cannot connect at all. Maybe clearing bluetooth history from this speaker helps. Can you tell me how to reset this speaker since theres no tutorial how to do it in the manual. (Soundcore Flare)

I found the instruction for a reset Neil posted.

Press and hold the power & bass up button when powering on…you should see the power button do a double flash…then complete a fresh BT pair with your device…

“copy and paste” but he will not care about I am sure! :smile:

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