No solar portable charger?

How come Anker hasn’t made a solar power bank/ Charger? I really need one for my son and I don’t trust the other brands and know nothing about these… he is going on vacation on a cruise to Alaska without me… I don’t know if I should get that or what kind of portable battery I should get him. (He has the habit of forgetting to charge his phone and since he is going without out me and with family I want him to be safe)

Anker did have the PowerPort Solar chargers but the models have been discontinued in US, and new models are expected to be released.

Please keep an eye on the community for release news.

Read this post here

Apparently these are still available in UK


I think you missed what the OP is asking, she wants a portable battery pack that has solar panels built in to charge itself. I think the reason Anker hasnt made one is due to the inefficiency of the solar panel and the fact you have to leave it in the sun to charge, which in itself is detrimental to the longevity of the internal battery as your heating it up.


I read the solar charger part of the question. These solar chargers if at all coupled with powerbank, will need a initial power charge using regular power source and then sustain them with Solar chargers.

Only time will tell if Anker will release the model type requested here… should hear before end of 2019

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In addition to the solar charger, you can also give him another anker powerbanks, it will not rely on the sun.:innocent:


Sounds good!! Do we see such a mode being released?

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New model PowerPort Solar. 15 Watt and 21 watts. Interested to see what other products will be released


That’s great update. Are these the specs of new yet-to-be released Powerport Solar chargers ?

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I’m far from clear if there’s a benefit from solar in consumer products.

The weight of solar makes them best for static installation.

For portable power, a power bank contains for the same weight or size many days of solar energy.

I own 3 solar portable folding panels, I have used them and in the long term test you really need to not have them human carried. It’s the weight. I can see benefits if say you carried in a car to go days camping.