No recordings from Saturday to Thursday

I have 2 eufyCam E and a door sensor. The door sensor logged events for every day, but the cameras have a gap of 5 days (7/13 to 7/17) where there are no recordings. Every day before the 13th there are recordings, and today there are recordings as well.

Is there a way to tell what went wrong, and recover the missing recordings?

I have the same issue, but mostly “only” for several hours, not whole days.

My reason/issue is: The horrible range of eufy cam!

I have plenty of cams and the most far away cam (just joking 12 meters!) frequently stops recording for several hours because it is frequently losing connection to the homebase.

Maybe you have the same problem? Maybe your cam is also at the very most maximum range in your setting/environment? Or are you pretty sure that the cam always got perfect connection to the homebase?

You can check it for testing purpose: Just move the cam some meters closer to the homebase and monitor for some days if the issue occurs again. If not … you have a range problem as many of us. If yes, the cause is something else.

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Send support an email :+1:

Hi yamyam, thanks for the suggestion, but range is not an issue for either of my eufycams.

*side note: I have read some of your other posts on Anker community, and you seem pretty unhappy with eufycam. Personally, I appreciate what Anker is doing with Eufy line, and I like it the best of anything in its price point right now. Nothing is perfect - check the competition and you will find plenty of issues, even products that have been on the market for a lot longer or are more expensive. Might want to appreciate Anker for what they have done so far, every once in a while.

Also, limited range is definitely inconvenient - but keep in mind battery life and range are inversely correlated. The longer the range, the worse the battery life. I don’t mind having a little bit less range in exchange for great battery life :+1:

Hi ikari04warrior, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try that next :+1:

Not really a matter for me as i anyway have to power some of my cams with solar panels, else they would be drained empty every 2-3 weeks. :smile:

Support-eMail is:

I praise when it’s time for it and well-deserved, and i criticize when appropriate and necessary.

Always remember: A product is never getting better by praising it … but constructively criticizing :+1:

Hello!@karatekid88 So sorry for all inconvenience caused! Could you please try contacting Our associated support staff will forward your issue to our engineer team for a further checking. Sincerely thank you for your valuable time!