No Notifications - Some No Detections

We’ve had two 2c cameras, a wireless door bell and a Homebase 2 for a few weeks now, unfortunately it hasn’t been a great experience. Like many posts on here, we regularly experiences slow notifications, however we are also randomly getting no notifications and failed detections. Our biggest concern is with the door bell

  • It is randomly failing to detect at all people who have been at the front door.
  • It randomly doesn’t detect at all us returning home.
  • Yesterday it failed in one of the circumstances we bought it for by failing to notify us someone had pressed the door bell when we were away.

With the incident yesterday, the door bell detected the person and recorded them for several minutes before they pressed the bell. We both had our mobile phones with us but neither of us got a notification that someone had been detected, nor did we get a notification the door bell had been pressed.

I’ve been through the settings time and time again. It’s not our wifi.

My confidence with the system is very low as we know events are happening that aren’t being detected and we are regularly getting delayed / no notifications. I’m questioning whether to rip everything out and replace it with a more reliable brand.

@harlice sorry to hear that you missed the key notifications. Although, I have not heard of delay in response for many users including myself, it may be related to hardware or firmware version that you had.
Contact they should be able to troubleshoot the devices with you. Good luck :+1:

Did you try resetting it? If that doesn’t work definitely contact support