No, not Walmart, ASDA

Walking around Asda today, just to have a nose about (or a butchers!) And came across this…


Sweet! The only anker product I’ve seen in a store before, is the soundcore flare :grin:. Good to see some more products in Brick and mortar stores :joy:.

I guess Asda is a European store?

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I have been to ASDA stores couple of time while in UK, these are almost like Walmart / Targets in US, like the variety of items and goods,

Glad to see they carry Anker Stuff :slight_smile:

There is a bunch of Anker products at the Walmart I go to. But glad they are putting their products out there to reach a bigger audience

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Always great to see Anker dipping their toes in new stores. :slight_smile:

Nice, a never realized that Walmart have Anker products

Good to see the products are launched in such stores.
And great you told us about Mac.

This is nice URL site, we can change the search context and it shows the graphical way to search google :smiley:


and it does for all other search engines… :thumbsup:

They’ve been in there for months now. I’ve posted about this before :wink:

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Yes, but despite the Asda superstore/walmart, and 2 other normal Asdas, this is the first time I’ve seen any products.

Our Asda, is owned by Walmart. Some Asdas in the UK are labelled as both.

Yes. The Cardiff one has something like this on the front.


Good to see then in stores Anker! :thumbsup: