No need for a portable power pack today

Totally off topic but wanted to share the beautiful snowy scene from my house today (Merthyr Tydfil, WALES)
We won’t be needing any batteries today as we won’t be going anywhere lol


We were meant to get a heavy “dump” (term used by some news outlets) of snow last night … but nothing. Well not where I am anyway. We had about and inch or 2 on Friday though.

Hope to see an update to this post with a snowman :snowman_with_snow:

A few lads were meant to be going to the derby today but can’t get out of the town. They’re gutted to say the least.

Great pics! And you might need a power bank if the power goes out (I hope it doesn’t!)


True lol. A Powerline actually came down in the next village too.

They’ve closed the roads now at both ends of our village for trees leaning into the road under the weight of the snow.

Not much the same but it’s still snowing here. Tried to leave to go to the store but couldn’t even make it out my driveway…I hate having to drive up a hill to get to the main road. Not sure how I’m gonna get to work in the A.M if the plow guy doesn’t come and plow as well as lay down some ice gel sand

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Enjoy the snow in Trefechan.

The UK has its flaws and strengths, the most intelligent is having power lines under the street and the overhead lines are in areas with cut back trees, so you have fewer power outages. In UK there are 1/10th the outage of here in California.

I have had to kit out for UPS, torches, Powercore, Eufy lights, for the dumb hundreds of power outages in the 1st winter storm.

Oh, and Wales is tough, as is Scotland, it is called “winter” but a tiny bit of snow in the soft southerners…


I made it out to work this morning but the schools are closed so the kids are home playing in the snow again :slight_smile:

The sun is shining today so hopefully make the roads a bit better too.

It seems that it hasn’t snowed in England for a long time!:grinning:

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Most of the ‘snow days’ are really just a dusting in the ‘England’ (outside of certain high ground areas), yet it’s treated as panic time, ability to drive etc… seems to go out the window more than normal :grin:

Wales, Scotland do get a decent covering though :smile:

Thank you :joy::joy::joy:

I didn’t want to over state or even highlight the inaccuracy of the reply lol but that is fantastic :clap::clap::clap:

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It’s unusual for December, usually more Feb/Mar.

I had a visitor just fly into Heathrow and Dublin just before snow caused the disruption.

To those from further afield it’s a genetic weakness of southern England, they can’t do much so we keep them employed in low value roles like being politicians, goes back to Roman times.


I love snow, but hate driving home. I got off work this morning at 6:30,and didn’t make it home until 8:15…my normal drive home is only 30 minutes.

I got stuck coming up the mountain hill and while going forward started sliding backwards. Managed to stop the car and proceeded to rock my car back and forth spinning my tires just so I could make it up the hill and the rest of the way home

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Arrrrr that is a nightmare. I’m pretty lucky that I don’t have any major hills to negotiate. It’s rainjng now so we will get a bit of thawing which will help the roads :smile:

The nightmare which I feared was trying to go to work tobight. It took me over an hour to get out of my driveway because it snowed all day and is still snowing, but everything underneath is all ice. Once I finally got out of the driveway I got stuck at the road transition from the driveway, nothing but ice. When I finally got out completely I drove about a mile into my 32 mile commute and I slid down a hill sideways. Took a bit to get my car to stop and once I did I decided it just wasn’t worth risking going off the road or crashing just to make it to work. Took the next half hour to make it back up the hill and get home. I feel bad about not going into work seeing as only my supervisor and 1 other worker made it in, but I value my life more for my family’s sake so I couldn’t do it.

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Awwww you made the right decision. These things can’t be helped. I was the only one in work for my office on Monday. Two of us in yesterday. Rained overnight so hopefully we will all be in today but definitely not worth risking damage to you or your car :thumbsup:

Wow, that’s crazy! Glad you’re OK!

So I got off work at 6:30 this morning from job 1, had to go to job 2 by 7. It took a half hour to go less than 3 miles because it mother nature decided to dump a blanket of snow and ice on us. Worked until 1 and then tried coming home, going 50 I strated sliding backwards down the hill…how is that even possible. Well I ended up stuck and had to watch all the other cars and trucks drive past me. I really need studded snow tires. Thanks to my powercore II I was able to keep my phone charged and running without having to keep my car running while waiting for help.
I lucked out as my son’s basketball coach and her husband drove by and stopped to help, he hooked a chain to my car and pulled me up the mountain .

Do you carry chains for that problem?