No! My 4 year old tablet died. Anker to the rescue

Us geeks have loved the Nexus 7 from 2012 and got the 2013 version.

I cracked this open and replaced the battery but today the speaker died, rattly distortion so dug out Anker Soundcore Nano and back to tech geek nostalgia

These ole devices need their Anker nursing homes


Good to see It worked well for you! :slight_smile:

So now you have a NanoNexus :ok_hand:

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I loved my nexus 7, but I don’t use it as much anymore. My son is always asking to use it now and he enjoys it

Perfect usage of the Soundcore Nano indeed !

Is that what they meant by nanobots to the rescue? :wink:

Haha good one

nice work thinking outside the box…or tablet lol