No microphone with soundcore

I have a soudcore speaker paired via bluetooth with my Nexus 6P. I get great audio, but when I get a phone call I can hear the other person over the speaker, but they cannot hear me. The microphone does not appear to work for me over bluetooth. Any ideas?

go to settings, bluetooth your soundcore, ensure all the ticks are there for phone, media, contact sharing. Chances are you do not have the tick against phone only media so it is not acting as a microphone in calls.

If they are all already ticked then try removing, adding the device, and then email in case it is a dud unit.


You could try a forget and pair to see if your BT connection is the issue. As it’s android also (been a while since I’ve used that), you might need to make sure your SoundCore is selected for phone audio in the Bluetooth settings…would be good if you could try troubleshooting the issue with another phone to tie down if issue is phone software related or hardware.

You could also drop an email to with your issue for additional tech support…

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Tried removing and re pairing. No luck. Both phone and media are checked. BTW - speaker works fine on a telephone call, just not the soundcore microphone. Will try the tech support email…