No events from Eufy Pan and Tilt?

I have two Pan and Tilt cameras set up in the office to catch someone stealing from our mailboxes. When I am in the office and connected to the local wifi, I get notifications of movment. However, when I am gone, I don’t get anything.

I figured that was no big deal since any event would be recorded to the SD cards inside the cameras.

Today I found that someone stole from the mailboxes again, and nothing is showing up on my app as events.

The setup works great when I’m in the office - notifications and clips recorded. But I can’t seem to access anything once I leave.

Do my cameras record ONLY when my phone is physically present on the same wifi network? How can I access the recordings on my SD cards if they are not showing up in my app?

That’s a weird issue. The cameras should record whether your phone is on the same wifi or not. I’d try to reset the cameras as well the app so you start from the beginning.
If that doesn’t work definitely contact support

@Matthew_Conrad I will test this today and let you know


I tested with iPhone on LTE and Eufy Pan/Tilt cam on Home wifi network, I got the event notification. So, the Eufy Pan and Tilt cam & your phone don’t need to be on same network / wifi network.

Only eufy app can be used to view the recordings. The recordings are encrypted, at least I could not playback on my laptop.

You may reach out to Eufy Security support to get more details