No Connection

Either error -3 or Home Base is Busy,
3 days now, unacceptable searched and found no help.

restarted modem and base several times.

No what, send em back like I did the Arlos?

mine died too 3 days ago. works on ethernet but if i try to use wifi it goes red

That’s odd wow

Well that was just the opposite of mine, it died on ethernet but worked on Wi-Fi it’s all a moot point now I’ve sent it all back to Amazon.

Like I said
Credit cards equals free for a month
Amazon equals a free trial for a month

I’m currently trying out an Arlo 4K system I don’t see any difference between it and the 2K one I had it’ll probably go back also.

Still searching for that elusive Wi-Fi camera setup that actually fulfills my needs. Maybe I expect too much?

the difference is arlo has a very expensive ecosystem compared to eufy. I was vuezone before it became arlo and watched netgear jack up the prices of services and pay to add more cameras and things. I know netgear spun it off as its own entity but im sure they still report to mothership. Its been awhile since i abandoned them so it may have changed. Arlo also pivoted to SaaS to make its money and i believe is close to break even on hardware sales