No auto-pause settings

I watched a youtube video reviewing the Liberty Air 2 TWS Earbuds, which I now bought. I did the firmware-Update via Soundcore-App, now they have Firmware Version 01.60 as stated in the app. I noticed in the youtube video that there’s a setting for auto-pause which I don’t have in my app! So my question now is why?

There are three different iterations of the liberty air 2

  1. Iteration has firmware 4.xx and has auto pause
    2 iteration has firmware 10.xx no auto pause
    3 firmware 1.xx no auto pause

With in these some have double and single tap commands and some don’t.

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Oh, I see. Thanks! Would be nice to know that before buying them… Weird that it’s not declared.

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They should have kept them all the same for sure.

I agree. I think the time frame for the changes was not too far apart when dealing with these on the soundcore community. If I remember right. 1st iteration has double. 2nd had single tap, and 3rd one gave option for either double or single tap.

Official Support’s answer:

“After checking, I noticed that the headphones you received are our newer version of the liberty Air 2, this version does not have the auto-pause feature and you also cannot turn off manually on this version, but we add the single tap function and the tone notification when you adjust the volume in this version based on our customer feedback.”

It’s always weird when companies change stuff in their products without announcing it or creating a completely new version, like “Liberty Air 3” or “Liberty Air 2.1”. As a fellow developer I would never do changes in the same version. Also it renders most reviews on the internet useless to a certain degree. But well… It happens.

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It’s to get the higher Amazon reviews, if they sold them as different products then each gets less reviews, if they replaced then some reviews become invalid.

Mix in some incompetence and voila.

Agree, best is to state clearly.