Nitecore TUP

I’m a big flashlight fiend, not to the point of measuring lumens with a meter (yet) but I do love my flashlights for some reason.

Just got a new 1000 lumen Nitecore TUP

Sucker is bright for so small, Its pretty cool and I am impressed, any questions feel free to ask and i’ll see if I can answer

Let me know how you like it in the next few weeks! I’ve been considering getting one but haven’t seen any reviews or anything for them. :man_shrugging:

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I got a torch from ANKER, not as such small, BUT it’s doing the job for ca 1 year perfectly. No issues.

Hope this dwarf will do the same! :grin:


It’s amazing how small flashlights have been getting recently. Since I’m a relative newcomer to the flashlight industry, how does this compare to, say, Anker’s (Bolder) LC40? I know that the LC40 is only 400 lumens, but it’s the size and fixed focus that made me interested.

Is this Nitecore waterproof? Having a small light on a keychain is always useful, if it’s the right size for that.

so the 1000 lumen is only in turbo mode, meaning you have to be holding the button to get 1000 lumens. The other 4 modes that are constant on modes are 40/100/200/400 lumens.
The oled display shows mode, battery voltage and time remaining at that mode, plus if lockout modes if you are carrying in pocket.
Heres a good vid (not mine) of beam