Nintendo switch power bank charging slow

Ok so I have the long skinny one with the switch logo and when ever I charge it with samsung 45 w bring its take a day or more to charge from 50

First attempt : Try another cable and/or clean the plugs.

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Lol great advice here, it should be common sense

Also try a different plug in as well. :slight_smile:

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It’s not the plug as it’s brand new also I did use a different cable but the last bar has ben blinking for over 24 hours not shure if that is normal or not

The switch batteries are finicky devices. They are programmed to communicate best with the switch charger itself. Try using that.

Some Samsung chargers use a proprietary charging protocol, so in this case it sounds like it’s charging at the lowest possible speed (I’m guessing 5V at 0.5-1A, which would take multiple days to charge the power bank). I would try a different wall charger like an Anker or iPad charging brick that can achieve 5V at 2.4A.