Nintendo Switch Lite Will Work Equally Well With Any Anker USB-C PD Charger

I recently posted a detailed report on the new Nintendo Switch Lite’s charging and power usage. Comparing play times with what Nintendo lists. Seeing how much power it uses compared to the larger models. And how well it charges with various charger specs.

Nintendo Switch Lite: Charging and Power Usage

A big take away with the Lite vs the larger models is it has equally good power draw with any USB-C PD charger offering 18W or more. In all cases it reaches its max draw rate of 13.5W.

The updated Nintendo Switch (August 2019) has an almost balanced charge rate. But it draws 1.5W less if using a charger limited to 9V. Such as the Anker PowerPort III Nano.

And the original Nintendo Switch was much worse. It ranged from 12-18W, depending on charger specs. The Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD would charge it at max rate. While the the Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD is 33% slower. Simply because of its specs and how the original Switch handled them.

To be fair to all Switch models, 12W or more is enough to charge the battery while you play. So for many users this isn’t a big deal. But for those looking for “the best charger” they had to dig into charger specs for the original and updated Switch. That is not the case with the Switch Lite. Anything offering USB-C PD and 18W or more works equally well.

And as a bonus Switch Lite owners don’t have to worry about the dock. Which is even more picky about what type of chargers it’ll work with. So the smallest Anker USB-C PD charger or power bank will make for a good travel companion.


This is good to know, although my wife still prefers to get the updated switch over the light. So when the time comes I’ll be re rereading your recommendations on which charger to use…wont be for a bit, maybe Christmas time.

Great info!! Especially for us Switch users!

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