Nintendo Switch Edition 20100 mAh

Buy this a few days ago is very good has advantages and disadvantages. I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this product.

-Good material
-good design
-fast charge
-Comfortable to grab
-metal casing
-Adequate weight
-Good bag to carry it

-Excessive price
-If you do not have the type c cable your phone loads very slow with only 2A, very slow load my Iphone 8 plus with usb and I’m still waiting for my Anker cable
-The bag does not last long

This portable charger I recommend it much more than the nintendo swich edition 13400 mAh as it has much more capacity and much smaller. This metal case is not like the others since I had bought the PowerCore + 26800 with quick charge 3.0 and it weighs a lot compared to the PowerCore 26800 it weighs almost nothing I had to return it. This charger personally I do not recommend it for the price but if you have to spend it on this you will not be sorry but you have better Anker options.

P.S.I have the PowerCore 26800 black color and I loved it was my first product of Anker but unfortunately I shut up and it hurt, I’m thinking of buying this same but in white someone knows what material it is and if it lasts.

Thanks for posting your review man :+1:


Thanks to you but I still can not think that that bag lasted for 1 day😢

Nice. I love reading reviews for anker products!


Yea sorry that happened. Guess you were too strong for the bag lol


Hahaha I guess I pulled it and it came out, do you have any white charger?

Do you have white power bank from anker?

White charger? I have the PowerPort II and it’s white, but I’d much prefer any other color than white

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Does this have the same hardness as the black one? is that I want to buy it but I do not know what material it is.

White powerbank? I don’t think I understand

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Yeah Anker white Powerbank! Do you have?

No… I guess not. I don’t even know what that is.?.?.?

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we are in the same hahahah

I would think this would have the same hardness as the black one (assuming your talking about the PowerCore 26800). I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t change material for a different color.

I have no evidence of this however, so I could be wrong, but nearly 99% of products that have alternate colors share the same buildup of materials.

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Oh seriously thanks

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Nice review!