Nintendo Switch Chargers

Just got a Switch and wanted to ask the community what the best Anker products would be to use with it. This can be either a portable charger or a wall charger. I know USB-C obviously and Power Delivery would be a huge plus for on the go.


Anker Battery Nintendo Switch edition

Atom PowerPort PD 1

These are my two recommendations…

The powerport PD 1 sports Anker’s new gallium nitride technology, so the 30w Charger is slightly larger than the Apple 5w charger. This makes it ideal for charging your Nintendo switch outside of the house, since the size is great for portability

Obviously the battery pack is made for the Nintendo switch so it’s the obvious choice :wink:


Another great choice is the smaller PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition.


Yes exactly what @Anjou1888 said! With those two Anker items you will be POWERED FOR LIFE! ummm, think I just created an Anker slogan… #POWEREDFOR LIFE!

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Had no idea they made specific batteries for Switch, wondering if they are any different than the regular counterparts other than the branding

Probably just the capacity, and the output. It’s not that much different, just the right specs :wink:

These batterypacks are certified and guaranteed to work with the Nintendo Switch. Other PD batterypacks may or may not work and can possibly brick your Switch because it uses it’s own PD standard that isn’t the norm

You could enter that slogan if there is ever another t-shirt contest :+1: