Night vision video capture:)

Shared a video capture of my dog doing a late night possum patrol.

Nice picture. :smiley:

Hi Romi, the link you provided is unable to view. Could you please fix it?

It looks like the video has been removed :disappointed:.

“Sorry, this content isn’t available right now”

Ewww … facebook link!? :rolling_eyes:
Are there still people using facebook? :astonished:

Sorry, i know you all in general love total monitoring by NSA and facebook, but there are still (thanks good!) billions of people NOT using facebook (like me) and never ever will. So surely post a link to facebook if you want to. But also consider all those who don’t need or want to use it and post an alternative link too please.

Thanks! :vulcan:

BTW: @AnkerTechnical Why isn’t it possible to upload video files in this forum?! This would make it independent from external sites like facebook or youtube and others.

You should be happy to know I don’t, and never will use Facebook :grin::joy:

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How hard it is to post the actual pic?
Don’t force us to visit your facebook

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True words @kumar.sachin and wow, another human with above average brain cells :thumbsup:

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It is now a public post, can u try again? :slight_smile:

Public it is at first, as it has nothing to do with failbook and you don’t need to click into this dangerous website.

So i allowed myself to download the video with an external downloader (without the need to enter facebook) and to publish it really FOR EVERYONE who wants to see the video for free and public here:


I hope thats ok with you, especially as only people who know the exact link (reading it here) can visit the video.
But there are a lot of people who do not want to visit facebook.
Thank you for your understanding!

The community use discourse forum system, the system has limited editing function, so it can’t directly upload videos.:cry:

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Thank you for sharing! Now is available to everyone!

Oh ok … thanks for info. But without knowing this forum system. Isn’t it modular and don’t they have some kind of video-plugin?

(seems not, thats really sad with such an expensive pricing of this forum software)

May i ask if anker is hosting it itself or is it hosted by them?
I like the forum system in general, but i hate hosted plans and outsourced scripts/forums. I always wanna run them on my own servers. But it seems they only offer hosted plans :frowning:
Else your programers would have access to the scripts and could add video functionality for the anker community themself :slight_smile:

HAHA, cute dog!

Quality looked to be fantastic!