NewTV with Nebula capsule pro drives me crazy

Hi all: I have purchased one Nebula capsule Pro red product via friend online. I’ve got very nice red product one.
When I first start to turn it on, everything is going smoothly but when the wifi stuff selection is all in Chinese, it makes me confused, I think I might be able to change the language to English later on. But it comes a NewTV platform, nothing is like advertisement come up. It is all in Chinese and I guess something call NewTV has bundle insde the firmware. There is no place to change the language and it is all program such as: online movie, qqchat, vip account in Chinese under NewTV platform.

There is also no place to hard reset to factory setting. I don’t know where should I claim or send my feedback. I don’t really understand. Of course the function is still ok, I still can play airplay, listen to music but rhe platform and operating system drive me crazy. Please help me at leasr to replace the firmware as a international standard, not NewTV anymore. Thank you.


Your best bet is to reach out and email them via


@Ducvanh Please know that if your capsule is in Chinese version, I am sorry it can’t be switched to English version.

As for how to rest the factory setting, please access the menu of the capsule and then go to settings—about —recovery. If you still have problems to do the factory setting, please contact us @

Have you find a way to change back to English?

@bwschan See my post below

Many thanks!

I have the same issue. Operating system is chinese with shafa, qq, …
I bought it before going back to France… No way to give it back to the shop…

Please provide the link to download the international version of the firmware.
As it is android based, it can be replaced.

Follow my post above, watch the video as it tells you how to change the language so you can use it