News about the Zero, regarding the review at YT,

I contacted this fellow named OLUV who made that comparing video at YT.
I do not agree with him regarding the harshness of the treble,
nor I recognized the decreasing volume.
I told him that.

There was NO answer.
May be he is to busy testing speakers and producing videos.

There is a review from a fellow at
He got a replacement from ANKER and now he is happy,
as I am.

Too bad, that those reviews are not improved.


Sadly initial impressions mean a lot to people and I have to agree with them and they shouldn’t change their reviews. If a person has to exchange a product to get one working right, then that is still a fault if the product.

With the liberty Air headphones I am starting to see a trend with these as I constantly get asked on my YT video about how to get the left earbud to connect to the right. It seems after the initial connection the left will no longer connect and no amount of trying to reset this will fix it thus forcing the user to have to return and or exchange them. This causes them to get a bad rep, and I really hope Anker fixes these issues with better quality control. Same thing for the speaker you have, if there is a harsh treble and it only goes away with an exchange then they need to focus in fixing the underlying issue still.

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I’ve been using the Liberty air headphones for a little bit now and thankfully haven’t come across the issue of the left one not connecting to the right one as of yet. Whenever I go to use them they both connect to each other without fail.

This has been my experience too since having them, but I did try a pair a coworker got and his exhibited the left earbud problem too. I did everything I could to get it working and nothing fixed it, he exchanged it the next morning and they have been working fine for him since. It seems it’s really a hit or miss with then

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Totally agree with the hit and miss aspect. When looking at reviews for them they have got to be the most polarising product Anker has at the moment.

Some have problem after problem and then others have no issues at all.