Newly Bought Soundcore Motion+

Hi guys. I just want to ask about my new Motion+. Do I need to charge it first before using or I can use it directly out of the box and empty its battery before charging? Thanks to those who’ll reply.

Doesn’t matter much in truth.

Charge it fully is worthwhile as you’ll possibly want to do a firmware update.

Btw there’s a new Motion+ hardware release about now, can you take shots of the versions written on case and the speaker? Helps the community track product revisions.

It should have some battery power.
But you should charge it first.
Should be more than 10 hrs music.
Enjoy the speaker.
I like mine.

Sure. Will send some snaps of that when the speaker arrives tomorrow.

If it’s like 50-60% volume on the device and 80-90% on the app, how long should the battery last?

Make a test!
I never did.
50% volume and fully charged.

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Where is your 50%, on the app or device (phone)?

Dont use ap, dont use phone.

I see thats 36%

It’s up to you really. I usually charge them all the way, but that’s just me

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There’s no absolute battery life as it depends on the media.

E.g. this on 50% (which you should listen to)

Vs this (which you shouldn’t listen to)

You have it in hands yet? Interested in the barcode sticker area where says hardware product code and hardware version, and the unit itself if there’s a fine print version number.

There was a revision in March

We’d expect to be selling now, there’s no details of how exactly different they say DAC changed only implies breaks TWS. So we’re seeking someone who’s bought the newer and original and confirm TWS works or not.

Looks like the newer label, does it say HW V2 on the packaging outside?

Thanks for photos, I don’t see any HW V2 signs, but handy to have your photos to compare in the future.

What does the app at firmware update say?

Soundcore has not told us what’s changed nor if it’s a non-issue but fact they had to revise with FCC implies different in a way which will break TWS.

So just on guard.

Bro, is it ok to charge my Motion+ using the wall charger adapter of my old Samsung S7 Edge?

Probably charges yes but may be slower.

We dont know as none measured if the Motion+ takes more than 1A from empty and we don’t know if your charger will default to 5V 1A or 5V 2A when it encounters other than matching protocol.

There’s certainly no harm in trying. Under the USB protocols anything above 5V 1A requires a successful negotiation, so may work or not work but never do damage.

As you are first to try (probably) that combination, report back on success or otherwise for those following after you.

It does go full charge at 3.5 hours.

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