Newest Product in PowerConf Series -- Be an Instant Pro - PowerConf C300

Webcam PowerConf C300

  • Look Like a Pro: Make a great first impression with clients and impress your boss with PowerConf C300’s crisp 1080p/60FPS camera with true-to-life colors.
  • Silence Distractions: Be heard loud and clear while working from home, even when the kids are screaming or your neighbors are blasting music thanks to PowerConf C300’s Active Noise Cancellation.
  • Shine Bright in Low Light: When working late or calling clients in different time zones, auto low-light correction kicks in to ensure you stand out, even in poor lighting conditions.
  • Fit Everyone In Frame: Whether you’re calling solo from home or huddled with colleagues in the office, our revolutionary AI technology automatically adjusts the field of view depending on the number of people in your meeting.
  • No Time Wasted: Automatically focuses on people or objects within just 0.35 seconds. Show off every detail of your latest samples and prototypes without waiting for the focus to catch up.


Stand Out in True Color

Automatically balances white and color levels so that you look bright, clear, and professional in front of your clients, colleagues, and bosses.


Fit Everyone in Frame

Adjusts the field of view depending on the number of people in front of the camera.


Powered by AI

As soon as you switch on PowerConf C300, the innovative AI chip works its magic to make you look your best. It autofocuses, adjusts the color levels, and much more. All without you having to lift a finger and fiddle with endless menus.


Clip, Plug, and Play

There’s no need to waste time finding the right drivers. Just clip the camera to your laptop or display, plug it in, and start streaming—all in just 3 seconds.


Protect Your Privacy

Prevent prying eyes from peeping on you when you least expect it. Snap the privacy cover into place and slide over the lens after wrapping up your meeting.


Multiple Ways to Mount

With 4 angles of adjustment, you can place PowerConf C300 almost anywhere you want. You can even mount it to a tripod for complete control over your camera setup.

Model Number: A3361

Key Features

1080p Camera: Upgrade your grainy laptop camera and look like a true professional with PowerConf C300’s full HD 1080p camera.

Wide-Angle Lens: Fit everyone in-frame while holding meetings at the office thanks to the wide-angle 115° lens.

Face Tracking: MagicSightTM identifies and tracks your face, keeping you the center of attention.

Zoom Certified: Evaluated and approved by the latest professional standards of Zoom for picture quality, color, and clarity.

HDR Lighting: With HDR lighting, you’ll look crisp and clear while on-call, even in heavily backlit or low-light conditions.

Details here


Great to see a new product range from Anker and good share @Shenoy
Personally, I think the price is a little punchy compared to similar branded models out there.
But as we well know, I’m sure that will reduce soon.


Such a great new product. I’m hoping it will be on sale soon cause at the initial price idk if I can get it but it would be nice to not look like a blurry figure in all my classes and meetings


Well you’re in luck. You know you won one with the Work From Home campaign, right lol. Be it that they spelled your name wrong and all, but I would think that would be you lol. The Pro Kit includes one as well as all of the other items.



I’m excited to see how the video looks. My laptop camera does okay, but placement is a pain when using an external monitor, I am never looking at the camera.

Interesting to see that misspelling, I wonder if it is the same person.


Also they had announced the Powerconf S500 as their new conference speaker in the stream today


Where are the reviews?


£90 in UK for 24 hours.

Disappointed no reviews as whoever buys it is taking a risk.

Getting it free in a competition is good and hopefully some detailed reviews in next weeks.


Same deal for those in the US


Has anyone of the members here got his hands on that product?
Is there a honest review available?


I wonder if you can stack these?

Getting emails saying didn’t win the prize (that you won) but here’s a discount code.

I doubt can stack.

I am not buying this product, no need, why not just use your camera phone and connect to meeting twice, one on phone for audio / video and one on PC for text / screen-sharing collaboration. Buying a webcam is so … old…

Anker or any of sister company store websites have never supported stacking of discount codes… this is no exception…

By the way, this is a great webcam :slight_smile:


With a need for a webcam, expecting to get yet another Logitech c920 HD for my team and with 30 day money back guarantee on Anker products I am tempted to break my 20 year brand loyalty to Logitech and try this… but where to find that elusive discount code tonight?

I have a camera in my basket but it’s still at full price. I presume that there is a code to use but I can’t find it.

Help appreciated.

If you the us you go here enter your email and then they should send you a code from my understanding

If in the uk then go here and enter email to get discount code

I think the code then gets sent out on the 15th of April

Ah - there’s the detail I missed. I read that as the code had to be used by 14th. :slight_smile:

Many thanks.


do let us know if you get the code, else we can share them, I have one of the code

Ditto, I too have a code to share if needed as I ended up winning one of the kits

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Good product for those who need it :+1:

No Windows Hello? For a $130 camera in 2021 that is a let down.

Oh man, that’s bad if true