Newer safer Lithium battery technology

One of the limiting factors of Lithium battery performance has been the overworking and damage to them causing safety concerns, well the UK scientists have found a way to make Lithium cells much safer, so we can drive more energy in and out with less concern.


Thanks for posting. Had a quick read over it yesterday but never got to finish.

Thanks for letting us know home Anker has a way to obtain his new technology in the near future.

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Without improvement, we’d still all be using “inferior” products, as we are apparently using right now :smirk:. Always funny though to see “new and improved” on stuff like food…so all this time, previous to the “new and improved” version, we’ve been eating this inferior stuff?

A recent and funny (at least to me) addition to a food label is Coca-Cola’s claim, printed prominently on the newer cans/bottles that Coke “Tastes Great Ice Cold”…like this no-brainer is somehow (all of a sudden) highly informative to those who have been drinking luke-warm Coke for all these years?


Waiting still.