Newer Anker Bluetooth Soundbuds cant hold charge?

I’m not sure this is the correct forum. Please advise if not.

3-4 month old ear buds. Plug in LED red. In minutes LED blue. Unplug, press start arrow - no LED at all!?

Bad battery or am I missing something?

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Try using a different cable and leave it plugged in say overnight. And try again to use them, if all else fails then contact with your order number, serial number and inform them of whatever troubleshooting steps you have taken.


Thanks fro the quick reply!

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Agree with Elmo.

It shouldn’t take minutes to charge, at least couple hours.

Your not using too powerful charger are you? As that can give a false positive.

USB cable that came with unit and plugged into USB port on laptop or USB adapter in 110 outlet.

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