New ZOLO speaker

At first glance it’s another small inconspicuous Bluetooth speaker (all black) which is satisfying to the eye unless your décor is white.

The speaker is about 3.5” in height about 2.75” inches in diameter. A thin LED light ring on top to coincide with commands to show something is happening. Also located on top are plus and minus symbol for the volume, Bluetooth button to pair devices, a center button for commands, a play button and two microphones. On the front, there is a microphone mute button (which turns red when mute is on) with the Zolo logo. The small speaker has matte finish on the top portion of the device and a metal speaker screen on the bottom portion.

For a small speaker, the sound is pretty full for its size, and is great for playing music. The feature I like is that you can change Alexa’s voice (her accent)! It also has an app from Google Play or App Store which you use to easily set up the speaker. Within the app it has some cool features like a spinning vinyl record when a song is playing. The app gives you the option to play music from many different music services.

My overall opinion with this device is that you can play your music through various music services, connect with the speaker via Bluetooth and interact with Alexa. It’s compact and has great sound for the size of the speaker. I am very happy with this speaker because of the quality material used and the sound for the size of the speaker.


Good stuff, got any pictures to go with it?

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For those curious, I think the Zolo Halo is being referred to in this case. You can find more about it on Amazon here.


Thanks Josh @joshuad11 I was trying to figure out which speaker it was. I know I remembered hearing about it but couldn’t remember which one it was

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Thanks for sharing your product experience with us!


Here are some pictures I took while unboxing.

Yes! My apologies for not referring to the product name Halo. Thanks joshuad11 for the clarification.

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Much better than looking at promotional photos, I dig it.

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Oh, it is really an Alexa speaker. I thought in in the first place that we are talking about a google assistant speaker, because it just has two microphones.

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Great review

What watt is the speaker and how long did it last

I’m not 100% sure about the Halo, but the Mojo is 5W.

What do you mean how long did it last? Both the Mojo and Halo must be plugged into power at all times. Their + siblings will not have to be, though (won’t be released until Spring timeframe).

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Great review! :blush: good job!

Just got mine. Wish it was rechargeable. Wall plugs are prime real estate in my house

I could not find how many watts the speaker is as I have misplaced the user manual/specs. I can say that it can fill a room quite well with the full sound it produces.

Thanks for sharing your review, @jaycamacho! How is the bass on the Halo?

Great review, don’t have much info on web about this speaker which I am really interested your review helps a lot!

The bass is good at a certain level, but too loud and it gets distorted. In my opinion this is to have music playing in the room for listening, but you can hear the bass for this small speaker compared to other speakers this size