New zealand date setting wrong

Anyone else in NZ noticed that the Auckland time setting shows correct time.but always yesterday’s date?? Been talking to support for 4+ weeks, they even told me it was camera unit and to swap it out which I did but same problem…they refuse to believe its their firmware…what…same.cos.otherwise love the product

Yeah, same issue here. Also in Auckland. Hadn’t noticed till I saw your post.

Yeah I gave up in this…spent months back.and forward to support, they even had me swap the unit, blamed everything but their firmware, which is clearly the issue…I recently got the motion light & camera, great unit, this ones on the power supply…date is correct …other battery unit.dayes wrong for morning and changes in afternoon to correct date…not good for security playback.

I contacted them yesterday and they said they’d fix it via a firmware update, I’ve checked it today and it’s fixed! Didnt realise they could force an update to my individual base?

I’m in NZ (Wellington). What was the date setting that was wrong? Never noticed anything before.