New York Times Article Recommends ANKER!

“The Discount Cable and Charger Brands You Can Trust” - What to buy article

Nice little article, recommends Anker for being reliable, and a great option for the “middle ground”.

I highly disagree and would recommend Anker as an alternative to the stock options from the manufacturer. Usually BETTER!

Keep on @AnkerOfficial We all :heart: you!


I agree. I buy anker chargers to replace my stock apple charger.

That’s cool!

Anker brand awareness and recognition is growing!!

oh thats brilliant :slight_smile: i guess everyones noticing how good anker is :wink:

I see Anker as top-of-the-line quality products. The Anker brand is global and purchasing some cables, speakers, etc… is just the smartest thing to do for quality vs price!

Go, Anker, go!

Good news for you, Anker !

Making Money Moves.

I agree. Anker is definitely top of the line. The quality is great and prices are too. I used to only use Samsung cables, but right now, I have like 5 Anker cables for my devices

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Getting there, Anker !

I started using your products late last year slbut so far I’m loving them!

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In my personal experiences I would have to say that not only are ANKER devices of all types good for the middle ground, but they generally carry the price tag of a cheap no name knock off brand, while being able to compete, and a majority of the time, beat the top dollar competition. All of the fancy companies are going to have to really step up their game if they are going to compete with ANKER. I still remember my first ANKER product (which I still have to this day thanks to ANKER’s superb quality) and I have been a loyal ANKER fan ever since.


I just started to know Anker 6 months ago when I backed eufycam Kickstarter. Support at eufy directed me to this forum. Since then I’m loving my eufycam and reviews of all Anker products on this community. Not fortunate yet to own lot of their products but now I know where to go or refer my friends when we need another electronic gadget or accessory.
You rock Anker :thumbsup:

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I’ve had a dual car cahrger for over a year now and since then Anker has been my go to gor accessories. Wish I would have paid attention and joined this forum then

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Anker brand awareness and recognition is growing!!