New Year deals

I notice some differences from recent discounts, e.g. the wateproof pouch is lower than before, but otherwise not the best discounts in general, I seen the SLim+ lower in the past.


That’s not their only resolution!


I see the SoundCore 2 is now in blue. Use to just be the SoundCore. I was waiting for the Powercore ll Slim to have a discount and wallah

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The white device looks like a garage door opener

I got one of them in black :grin:

What mystery is this device?

Nice discounts. I finally snagged myself the Bolder LC130 from the last email sale. And YES!!! I’m picking up some Powerline+ II Lightning cable. I’ve been waiting for the 3ft to go on sale. Guess I’ll pick one up for the hubby too so he doesn’t snag mine :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks Anker! :slight_smile:

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Speaking of white, we may see that color of PowerPort+ 5 PD before long.


It’s just a 2 Port 13000mah powerbank.
1 x 1a & 1 x 2a plus a small led torch.

Astro E4 :thumbsup:

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White would make it easier to find in the dark

Cool!! Learn more about products through users than anywhere else

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To add to these…

Eufy Lumos Smart LED Bulb - $12.36
Wireless Charger Charging Pad (same one as above) - $12.50 with code ANKE2599
PowerPort Speed 5 PD - $39.99
Roav Dash Cam C1 Pro - $79 with code ROC11229
Eufy HomeVac - $79.99
Eufy Lumi Plug-In Night Light (4 pack) - $10.38
Eufy Lumi Stick-On Night Light (3 pack) - $10.32


Powerport 5 PD you’re quoting the newer one. The older one is a little cheaper

$35 with ANKER517


We never got to the bottom of what’s different other than packaging and we know the newer one is rounded sounds so tends to lean over.


Ohhhhh, the Roav Dash Cam C1 Pro is sooooo tempting! Arrrrghhhh!!!

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