New Year 2019

With a new year just around the corner, does anyone have anything exciting planned to see the new year in?

What about New Years resolutions? Anything you wanna do / achieve / stop etc?


I wanna achieve this level of Flanderism for 2019… :wink:

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Yeah, I want to finally be smoke free. So gonna try them vape pen things, see if they help?

to lose more weight… I had lost 40kg but gained 10 back recently (my defence… It’s winter, I’ve been on steroids, it’s Christmas).

So gonna make more of an effort next year. It won’t make any difference to my overall health, but it’s nice buying clothes from places like NEXT, rather than supermarket bfb clothes!

Mark, what’s your resolution?


Not sure that’s legal in any part of the world …

… well maybe in Russia :joy:

As they apparently have very little rules when it comes to driving lol


I read an article today that said vaping was better for you than smoking - not that it makes much difference as no doubt il read one tomorrow that says the opposite.

Well as I’ve recently started to learn how to bake, I think my resolution will be to improve on that skill but also challenge myself and learn something new. What new skill I’m unsure at this present moment in time lol

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We will be doing some traveling. My brothers first baby is due in March, planning some weekend trips to the Big Bend area of South Texas, and spending about 12 days in Kelowna, B.C. where we will be doing some hiking and spending time with extended family.

Training for 32 mile day hike in the High Desert of White Sands (in March). But I won’t be ready for that for at least a year or so.

I have a goal reaching 80% of my body weight at deadlifts and back squats.


@amangons vaping is just as bad as smoking, not better it’s just as bad. Vaping causes popcorn lungs which is very detrimental to ones health. Research it and you will see.

My resolution is to stop smoking, lose 100lbs and keep it off, start running…I hate running but maybe with the weight lose I will like it. I want to travel a bit more and spend more time with my wife and son.

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BBC News - Smoking v vaping: Watch lab test results

Vaping and/or smoking, think both are not healthy,:worried:
I stopped smoking 40 years ago, but there are still little
“deposits” in my arteries.
I would not like to know how this would be if I hadn’t stopped it.

I do not have special plans for the next year.

What can a pensioner plan?
To stay by good health of course. :wink:


Popcorn lung is only if you use cheap made in china (etc) e-liquids that contain a certain chemical (beginning with) D (can’t recall the actual name) but it’s bad for you.

If you get liquids without that, you’re safe, and then it’s better than smoking.

I don’t intend to stay on ecigs for ever as a full replacement. I want it as an escape plan.

Look at this…

One of the stories that does the rounds is that vaping causes “popcorn lung” – a condition that makes people cough and struggle for breath which can be caused by a chemical used to flavour popcorn that is also found in e-cigarettes. But the chemical, diacetyl, is also found in ordinary cigarettes at levels 100 times higher.

This is taken from this article…

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I want to win an anker giveaway!!!

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You only joined today, be patient

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No worries buddy I have faith you will stop eventually. I have had my last cigarette today and going forward I am done with them. I did it before and I’ll do it again


I stopped smoking 15 years ago and haven’t looked back since. No interest in going back or even using ecigs.

Just takes some mental will power.

Good luck to both you and @amangons


lose at least 20 pounds, which will put me at the top of my bmi

The first week is easy.
BUT after this period you will gad mad about a cigarette.
This time has to be weathered.

The first time I stopped I made another mistake.
After one year I smoked a cigarette, as I thought I could handle to smoke
one or two a day.
After a while I smoked the full program again,

This last cigarette MUST be really the last one.

Good luck my friend Rob! :wink:

Thanks, I went 6 months before and then smoked for the last 5 months. But I am truly done, I found the last week of smoking I didn’t want it and only smoked cause I had them. So I know I can do it, besides I have other more pressing things to worry about like losing weight so that’s my priority going into the new year

There is another point of view beside your lungs, stomach, heart, arteries etc.
The smell. you, your clothes, your flat.

When I was smoking I didn’t recognize it.
What a smell would it have been when coming home from a bar full of smokers like myself.

30 years ago nearly all colleagues at our chair at university were smokers.
Today NO one!
Smokers die out! :grin:

All over now. I am happy.

But another thing (old teacher sorry)
Don’t become a real “smoker’s enemy”.
This happens often to “ex smokers”. :worried:

Might sound silly but I sometimes found using a pen or pencil as a fake cig helped early stages for cravings, it kinda subsided the muscle memory aspect of having it between my fingers and bringing it to my mouth.

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As far you didn’ suck your fingers seems to be a possibility! :joy:

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