New wireless charging stand


So one of the slower types of chargers.

My opinion:

  • a good idea, it suits a common usage of wireless charging which is to plonk down the phone at an office work location to get trickle charging when phone not in use but you can still use it without taking off stand, see notifications, etc.
  • the possibly problem with a stand like this is if the height of the coil location does not match the phone’s. Some products have a specific hole in the metal back panel and you have to precisely align, so this may work less well with specific phones worse than a rest panel, unless Anker has made the Qi transmitter huge which would make the stand get hotter.
  • Only 10W I guess a beefier one may be in the works?

Usual caveats: Showing on FCC does not mean the product will actually be released, or released soon, or be exactly as shown. In the past products have been different in ways not affecting the FCC aspect of radio transmission.


@AnkerOfficial did mention to keep an eye out as one was being released soon so this may be it. I wouldn’t worry too much about heat with a vertical stand if they made the Qi pad larger. My wife has a no name Qi charger pad that extends to the edge of the pad and while it provides more than 10w it hardly gets hot if even warm to the touch

Now shipping

I have this item as one of my PowerUser items (showed up sometime today)…but there is no picture of the item, just the description.

I also have zero devices to test this with so I’m passing it on to other qualified users.

In inductive charging, .95A is fast? I could’ve sworn I’ve seen Anker ones listed as 10w which I assume is 2A or a bit less.