New wired 2k video doorbell (*32gb* onboard!)

Seems like there is a new eufy Security Wired 2K Video Doorbell with 32gb onboard storage and 5 days of continuous video recording. Sold only at BestBuy (?):

Does anyone know how “new” this product is, if it has a better onboard processor with better AI, any of the recognition features previously only offered on the battery powered unit (via Homebase), or any planned new features (e.g. Homekit or HKSV support, Homebase2 integration, etc.)?

And has anyone seen a review of this new device?


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Homekit is currently NOT planned for any of the doorbells. It may be in the works, but without a timeliness I wouldn’t count on it

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I totally hear that. Thanks! For what it’s worth, support just backed your statement up on the Q&A section of the BestBuy product page, and said they are actively looking into it – so at least not a direct verification of the “planned to not have Homekit on any doorbells” that’s been going around lately. Still, I wouldn’t buy this thing if I couldn’t enjoy it without HKSV or HK.

Does anyone have insight on if there’s anything special about this “new” device aside from 32gb onboard vs 4gb?

Continuous video streaming is new, but is there reason to believe that it won’t be rolled out to the existing wired the battery doorbells (plugged-in for battery drain, of course… though maybe device temperature is an issue in that case)?

Is there a better processor, better heat management, a better camera sensor, etc? Is this just a one off for Best Buy or an actual new product that we should expect to stick around for a while?

I’d love to see a review of this guy, if anyone happens to have one already (or know if a review exists)!

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@doorbell_et_al I am one of the moderators on forum, you can post any and all eufy security related questions about the products there if you choose. But as far as your questions go, the video doorbell at BestBuy supports CVR and was designed around different hardware and software to support this. As you seen it has more memory and can continuously record for up to 5 days, which some people prefer over just the regular daily interaction recordings. Feel free to post here or at the Eufy community and we will help the best we can.


Oh, lovely! Thanks kindly. I’ve just ordered one of these guys, so maybe I can help with anyone’s future questions there – though it’ll be my first, so won’t be able to make many comparisons.

I’ll post again over there to see if there’s more visibility – maybe someone has already had experience with the unit.

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