New White Liberty 2 Pro (1-26-2020) Release Date

I saw the new white Liberty 2 Pro coming out this Sunday (1-26-2020) I saw it on Amazon. Price was $149 no discount… I emailed Soundcore asking about them and they emailed back saying yes will be available on Amazon. And she said watch out for promotion’s. Soundcore usually does these when new products are introduced. Do what kinda of promotion do you think there talking about ? Also, I’ve been thinking hard on getting these or the Sennheiser truly wireless since now you can pick these up new for $185 and the Sony’s 003 ? . Sony has referb ones like new for only $125. All I care about is sound when setting either at home or at coffee shop. Not worried at all about battery life or extra heavy Bass stuff… What’s your thoughts… I’m 57 years old and really don’t know whyto buy.

Let me respond to your answer:
I am an old fellow 69 now.
Your are are a youngster : 57! :laughing:

So we old ones can talk frankly, about those earbuds
Have you ever tested those in ear buds?
You know you have to plug those in your ear to get a real good sound.
I have done but I can not stay it more than 1/2 hour.
What I liked, gave those to my son were the Spirit X.
Cabled, so its not so easy to lose one,#
And they are fixed perfectly on the ear by those hooks.

Hey, thanks,
I haven’t tried anything…
I have the ch700n Sony headphones and love them… I don’t care for noise cancelling but have that 40mm driver that Sony uses and there fabulous…
But not looking for something that I can wear going places…
I’m glad you told me about the ear cannel thing… I don’t that I would like that…
I love the Soundcore app and I would really use that.
So do you think the liberty air 2 would be that way to go…
My music type is acoustic and sports, audio books and my volume would be low to medium…
I was thinking hard on the Sennheiser truly wireless cause of the sound and now there only like $185 new. Thanks again for helping me out…

Here is a really good review. This youtuber gives some comparison with other earbuds (including the sennheiser).

I personally prefer the liberty 2 pro sound. I find that it’s a more balanced sound, where the sennheiser are slightly bass heavy ( so unbalanced).

Also the EQ In the soundcore app makes a huge difference. The EQ is amazing.

The sale that we have been seeing on the liberty 2 pro, is $110, so I would expect that for the white version as well.

Every where I looked the liberty 2 Pro are $149
I live in the United States maybe that makes a difference… but at $110 I’m a buyer…

I live in the US as well.

As I stated above, the $110 price is when they go on sale. They have gone on sale multiple times since release for $110. I would expect to see another sale soon.

They’re actually $20 off on amazon right now

Yes, I did see that…if I get those liberty pro I would get the white ones… and it’s $149 pre order until 1-26
and I’m in no hurry. I’ll wait for the $110 price… thanks again… Greg